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Hey there,

This week has for sure been an interesting one. Last week I did not make a newsletter because I just needed a break from having to feel the need to write anything and make it public. It has been fun having a vacation from having to do anything…

With mental health becoming such a hot topic issue within these last few years, a lot of people are starting to either diagnose themselves with mental health issues or have gone to another extreme of diagnosing others with mental health issues even if they don’t really have the experience to…

Do you even have money if other people don’t know that you have it?

Photo by Wes Tindel on Unsplash

Where do I even start when it comes to showing off. I guess I will start with what my understanding of it was and how I currently think about it.

What did I used to think about showing off?

As a black kid growing up in a lower-middle-class family, I have always been around people that would love to…

Byron Wright Jr.

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