From the time I first had an iPod touch back in 2010 all the way until now, I have been absolutely addicted to YouTube. The first time that I discovered that there were funny videos and creators on YouTube I was hooked. One of the very first videos that I remember ever watching was a video called Unforgivable #1. It is linked below if you want to watch it. It was just a man in a black and white video, telling funny stories with what looks like a forest behind him. He has many more just like it. Unforgivable #1 — #4 are the best in my opinion. I was a kid at the time and I didn’t even get most of the references that were being mentioned in the video, but my cousin was showing me them and he was laughing so I was laughing as well.

I got my first iPhone when the 4s came out in 2011. I remember because it was the first iPhone with Siri voice assistant on it and I was excited by it. I would ask it all sorts of pointless questions. On YouTube, I would mostly watch MKBHD videos and Armado Ferreira videos to learn all about the newest tech in the world. They would mostly cover smartphones at that time. From that point on I don’t think I have gone more than 2 days without watching at least one youtube video. And the sad thing is that I am have not been in control enough to watch only one so I would just continue watching until I fell asleep. It is crazy to even think about it. I would literally spend hours and hours just watching video after video after video. Some of the videos I had already seen, I was just wanting to watch them again.

My Solution To Break The Addiction

So what I have done as of August 20th, 2021 is getting rid of the YouTube app altogether from my phone. It mobile website of YouTube is much worse than the app so it helps me to not want to watch videos as much. On my desktop, I am limiting how much I see recommended videos as well as suggested videos that come up during a video on the YouTube website by using the Chrome extension DF YouTube. You can click on the link if you want to download it for yourself. You can configure all kinds of settings on it and be able to customize what it is that you see and don’t see on YouTube. For myself, I have very little self-control so I pretty much got rid of everything when I visit the YouTube website. The only thing that I am able to really do now is search for videos. I can also look at other stuff on the left sidebar but I have rarely done that anyway.

I am only subscribed to 4 YouTube channels now when I used to be subscribed to 30 channels or more. And of course, I wasn’t able to watch them all so they would just stack up in my ‘Watch Later’ playlist and my subscriptions tab. I cleared all of my ‘Watch Later’ videos even if I have not watched them because most of the time I just added videos and never did watch them. From now on I am just going to watch a video at that exact moment or I am just not going to watch it unless I remember to later on. I am going to try to not add any videos at all to my ‘Watch Later’ playlist so that I will not be tempted to watch as much YouTube. Hopefully with What I am doing.

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